Sunday, July 27, 2008

104 - Submitted Work

Here's are my sketches and the video I submitted for review.




*REVISION* Final Render of 104

Sunday, July 20, 2008


So this week we have a break from Stu - and we're focusing on another ball bounce. We need to do something heavy, and something light - so if any of you out there find any reference of a bowling ball, and a ping-pong ball bouncing - let me know! :)

I'll be sketching the action tomorrow - posting hopefully that or Tuesday night.


- t

103 - Ball Bounce / Stu Pose: Excited

I'm sorry I didn't post work in progress - it was kind of a hectic week. But here are my final submissions for review by my mentor. Sorry again, I'll try to be better about posting during the week.

sketches_ballBounce copy

Here's my final ball bounce. Nothing too exciting - but I think it works.

And here are some sketches and my final Stu pose - our assignment for week 3 was excitement. I think I probably could have pushed it a bit more, but again - I think it's ok. :)

Ok - off to bed with me. :)

*REVISION* - Here's the final render for the assignment:

Sunday, July 13, 2008

102 - Random Stu Pose

So with the help of my classmates, I picked the pose to use for Stu. Here's what I turned in today - hopefully the pose reads clearly - I guess we'll see when the crit happens. :)

This is the pose that everyone seemed to like the best

Here's my pose of Stu.

Here's the silhouette. :)

*REVISION* Here's the revision from mentor comments:

Friday, July 11, 2008

102 - Sketches

So we're focusing on sketching people we see - just quick sketches - then we need to select one and pose Stu in that form.

It's been FOREVER since I've drawn - so it'll take some getting used to again. :)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Animation Mentor Blog

So here it is - my Animation Mentor Blog. I've been meaning to start one up for a few weeks, but just haven't had much time. So we're officially ending our first week of Animation Mentor. The first week was pretty mellow - no real assignments, just getting a feel for everything and everyone.

I'm super excited about my classmates and my mentor, Peter Kelly. :) We all met this past week, and introduced ourselves, and it seems like everyone is really cool. :)

It should be a great term. :)

Next week I'll have some sketches a pose of Stu to show (YEP, I get to work with STU!!! YAY!) :)

Yay Animation Mentor! :)